Anti-stress therapy for your workplace or office.

Anti stress therapy for the workplaceTop companies take welfare at work seriously.

Caring employers find it easier to recruit and retain good staff. Your profits will be healthier too!

On-site complementary therapies are clean, cost effective, cause virtually no disruption to the workplace and are carried out by a fully qualified and insured therapist with over 30 years experience.

Therapies are given in strictest confidence and comply to the Data Protection Act.

The Benefits

Avoiding stress in the office and workplace

Benefits to employees:

  • Improve general well being
  • Feeling of self worth
  • Motivation
  • Better working atmosphere
  • Increase awareness of potential damage of poor health through stress
  • Make the employees feel valued
  • Helps reduce and prevent stress and fatigue
  • Feeling mentally more alert
  • Convenience of availability on-site
  • Competitively priced, so affordable

Benefits to employers:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Create more effective employees
  • Improve people performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase profitability
  • Boost employee morale
  • Creates happy and healthier staff
  • Reduce cost of ill health
  • Excellent recruitment tool
  • Potential bonus/incentive initiative

Available treatments

Stone Therapy MassageNeck & Shoulder Massage (20 min) will ease stress and tensions, concentrating on key areas where tightness accumulate. A massage that will both relax and exhilarate.

Indian Head Massage (20 min) particularly beneficial for migraine, sinus problems, poor sleep and eye strain. This massage follows the body’s natural energy lines, it includes neck, back and scalp.

Stone Therapy Massage (20 min) gives 4 times deeper pressure than manual massage using both warm and hot stones for the back/shoulder and scalp area. The heat assists in dispersing stress from congested muscles.

Hydrotherm (20 min) - a unique massage system which combines the use of warmth and water due to the warm water-filled mattress. The weight of the person acts to increase the pressure gained from the massage.

Please note:
No clothing has to be removed nor any oils or cream used.
All record card information is taken in strictest confidence and complies to the Data Protection Act.

Options for meeting the costs and finding the time

Stone therapy massage in the officeOPTION ONE

Staff pays in Staff time


Company pays half in Staff time


Company pays all in Staff time


Company pays all in Company time

Corporate Complementary Therapy

The aim of Stressuless Corporate Complementary Therapy is to provide employees across the spectrum with the opportunity to access certain treatments during their working day and so taking away one of the most common barriers of receiving such treatments - finding the extra essential time.

Stressuless has many years of experience in this profession to draw from, working with numerous clients from all professions. These clients have generically stated that part of the reason they feel the need to use a massage therapist relates to the constant need to juggle their ever increasing work loads with their life at home and socially.

For some it was down to the actual activity of being at work i.e. sitting in front of a PC for long hours or dealing with stressful situations. This generally results in high levels of stress being produced.

Therefore, as similar patterns emerged when treating clients with therapeutic massage, Stressuless realised and understood what was actually needed – namely, to supply a small range of similar treatments in their work place to help begin to eradicate their problem at the source of the cause. The benefits and advantages to the client were very clear.

Clients have included:

  • Smith & Pinching, Norwich
  • Insight, Norwich
  • The Royal Office Suite, Norwich
  • Breakwater IT
  • Web Design
  • M & A Accountants
  • Aylsham High School
  • Sheringham Primary School
  • Strawberry Patch Nursery
  • Boudicca Marketing
  • Holt Medical Practice

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