Stressuless Complementary Therapy

Stressuless deals with the symptoms caused by stress through means of relaxing complementary therapies. We are able to offer treatments to two separate sectors - corporate and private clients.

The range of treatments are available in the workplace for corporate clients or, for private clients, can be carried out in their home or at a location of their choice.


Sarah Woodrow of Stressuless requires little time, little space and virtually no company financial outlay. With company approval to facilitate this, her objective will be to provide big changes in staff general health and well being through the application of these therapies.

Also, by raising awareness of how damaging to health stress can be and the value of helping yourself to achieve improvements, this, in turn will give a positive effect in the work place, both mentally and physically.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available throughout the year to provide a perfect gift solution for every occasion.

Therapies are given in strictest confidence and comply to the Data Protection Act.
Sarah Woodrow (Stressuless) is registered with the NNDC.

North Norfolk District Council

Contact Information

Telephone Sarah Woodrow on 01263 711 266 or 07765 556 243

or email